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From Russia With Love) [Apr. 4th, 2007|10:26 pm]

Ep) Hey! 
I`m from Russia and I really want to know if Mad Caddies are going to come to us???
I heard something somewhere about this, but I don`t know is it true)
We really love them here)
P.S. sorry for my bad english)
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2005|10:49 pm]

[music |chevy novacaine]

I really wish they would play Chevy Novacaine live just once.
That would make my life.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2005|11:36 pm]

This community is so dead. Let's see if I can liven things up a little *administers CPR*

Favorite song off each cd? [not counting Songs in the Key of Eh...unless you really want to]

I'll start:

Just One More - Drinking for 11
Rock the Plank - it changes from time to time [unlike the others] I'll go with Hound Bound
Holiday - Destro
Duck and Cover - Macho Nachos
Quality Soft Core - Polyester Khakis

Your turn.
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New CD. [Sep. 30th, 2004|07:07 pm]

Well I bought the new Mad Caddies CD, "Live in the Key of Eh"

I fucking love the CD.

I think it does a great job in caputing what the Caddies are like live.

Teh vocals are, at most times, clear, and the crowd plays an amazing part in making the CD come to life.

My only bitch is that the horns are a bit low, but maybe thats just my frankenstien system.

The Days Away/Bell Tower/Popcorn/Days Away is great.

It's great to hear Chuck intro songs like Villians.

Favorite Song: Monkeys or Mum's the World. Great songs that sound really powerful here.

Your thoughts?
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Friday the 13th, Petaluma, California [Aug. 18th, 2004|09:20 pm]

So the Caddies played a few California shows, and I managed to get to one of them last Friday.

Thats the setlist but right before they were going to play Preppie Girl they just started taking requests from the audience. It was a great time and they even played the first few verses of "Cops of Solvang" (of the Ivy Leauge green tape.)

Great fucking show. Also the new live CD is coming out next month, so keep your eyes open for it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2004|01:53 am]

Anyone going to to the Mad Caddies show tomorrow at Slims?
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2004|01:38 pm]

Tomorrow is national 'I'm Embarrassed by me President' day and we all need to stand together and get involved.
Wear a brown armband on April 1st to join the tens of thousands in this silent protest!
to register and learn more about it.
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Live CD [Mar. 28th, 2004|09:07 pm]

On St. Patrick's Day the Mad Caddies recorded a lot of live stuff for an upcoming Live in a Dive CD.

The show was in Toronto, and all the live songs were done in one shot.

I doubt there will be much new material, but for those who have seen MC live know the kind of feeling that can happen, and maybe the CD can capture that.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2004|04:17 pm]

I'm interviewing the Mad Caddies tomorrow for www.allfalldown.org. Does anyone have any questions they would like answered?
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Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Mar. 15th, 2004|08:02 pm]

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

i'm finally goin to see Mad Caddies!!!!!!! i've never seen them b4, can't wait they're my favourite band. it's gonna be wicked good time
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